Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn 2013 is about...

  • A cashmere pullover-or a cardi like Charlie Brown's blanket
  • Fragrant air-jasmin
  • A cabin-in my daydreams
  • The woods-a park will do
  • Apple pie-make:next weekend

  • Travelling-paradise lost of the past-new travels to be made
  • Reading-two new books
  • Blogging-finding refuge

  • Cross-stitching-Till we meet again
  • Making house a home-For You
  • Resting-in the kindness of friends
{Elsa Hansen via Tory Burch}
Fall 2013 is about
  • finding my own voice
  • expressing  myself
  • learning patience
  • holding my breath
  • breathing
Hey, people
Thanks for the lovely pics.
You motivate me to go on walking, living, expecting, hoping, believing

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