Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Another way...Thoughts on composure

The Christmas fasting season will begin in two days' time.
I am looking to a time of cleansing and centering and renewing...thoughts, hopes, dreams.
Puting in perspective
Wanting a Christmas homecoming for my loved ones.
Here is a glimpse at what is inspiring me.

:: Words ::
"Let me show you another way"
An amazing post of a simple epiphany, where this post started.

:: Words ::
"These tragedies, compounded by earlier, unforgettably tragic memories, convinced Lee to make, if not a new life, a different one".
I read this article an interview with Lee Radziwill and enjoyed it so much!
I wander why it needs to take us so long and so much turmoil to get wise(r)
"She regulates her life by standards inbuilt by experience, by nurturing her friendships, by staying true, by her irony, by her humor — all qualities that show she is the real deal. That past sorrows and joys have merged into an elegance that permeates her presence, that “something in the air” that indicates class and courage and composure".
:: Finding Beauty ::

This superb little video made me understand Art.
No joking.
And appreciate Life more.
Watch it now.
( via Door Sixteen )
:: Peace ::
Thinking of Christmas and family together.
Times of velvet and gold and gazing at the stars shining high.
 What do you long for today?
These days?

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