Thursday, 28 November 2013

Something for the Weekend

Happy Thnaksgiving
to my American friends and family!
Isn't this the most fun Thanksgiving card?
I love it !
(From here)
One of my favorite bloggers has a brand new column in a UK magazine!
I am always so happy when bloggers I follow , with interesting, fun and original ideas get a media breakthrough and get their talents up a notch!
What a lovely craft, from Simply Crochet magazine.
Plus, Attic24 is sporting a Rice DK giveaway, sponsored by fig1 UK for those of you living in the UK!
You may enter here.
Let's stay in the UK for awhile.
A post by an American lady living in the UK made my heart beat faster.
Oftentimes I miss England so much, and this post reminded me of England in the most sensuous way. The weather, the earthy rainy perfumed air, and teenhood...
In her words:
If you've visited the English countryside,
you cannot help but notice the hedgerows
that create perimeters around farmland and property

Hedges create super-highways for wildlife across the countryside
- so many are connected -
and provide a bounty of food with its berries and fruit

A place of shelter, I find such great comfort in these living barriers

Like a cutie-pie hedgehog traveling along the hedgerows,
I find thankfulness in the sweet tidbits and friends I meet along my path.
Another blogging favorite of many, Yvonne,
uncovered the book cover of her upcoming cookbook!
As she says, it falls into the Food and Interiors category!
I also love her quote:
 I love the line Queen Latifah quotes in the film 'The Secret Life of Bees' when her autistic sons says; "but mom I don't fit in any box", "well son then they have to build a bigger box".
Also check out
A lace and lavender wedding dress here.
Homey cheesemaking here
And, as Christmas is coming slowly but surely,
you will love Cherry's newest find:
A 110 year old book of Robert Browning's Christmas Eve.
You may read the work here.
I wish you all a love filled weekend.

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