Friday, 14 March 2014

In love with an IKEA desk

I know that quite alot of people feel self-conscious about shopping at Ikea. 
Sometimes I may feel so, myself.
Particularly when we used to own a shop, I crossed once or twice customers in a nearby town Ikea shop and people would look at me in desbilief: Why would I ever want to purchase something :low line: if I could have great design, real wood and all natural materials in my own shop?

Truth is, Ikea has achieved something which obviously accounts for much of the company's success.
Their products have a style for sure, that is affordable. 
Most of their products are pretty durable.
And they make me happy.
Their shops make alot of people happy, too.
Which is a good thing. 

had a look at 
their new PS Collection.

I looove this desk!

...Great "bones"...

Look how it fits in every corner
makes you feel you have enough space for a desk.

Do you like shopping at Ikea?


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