Thursday, 20 March 2014

Three Shades of Pastels: Dusty, Vibrant or 50s?

These dusty pastels make me wish to redecorate my mil's house. 
Some of those antique distressed pieces would look great in some pretty dusty floral fabrics.
 I love the softness of those balloon curtains!
Have you seen the linen slipcovers? 
Love them!

Ha! What a quirky assemblage!
Elegant, happy, juicy, deliciously and playfully vibrant pastels.
That golden leaf plate is pure perfection!
And that golden pot!
The coffee cup!
And that funny teapot out of Alice in Wonderland!

Or perhaps, would you like a more moody, opinionated, eclectic 50s pastel?
I love books in the kitchen
and clay pots
and a fragrant wind blowing gently through open windows.
{ Have you noticed the play between WIND and WINDows? Isn't language exciting? }

What kind of pastel are you?


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