Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Through my eyes, today...

watercolor by Barbara Weeks of Drawing Breath

Hello Friends,
I have been spending some time at home, over the Easter vacation, and that gave me the time to visit some of my favorite blog friends and discover some new ones through Pinterest.

This lovely lady artist followed some of my boards and I am following back her Journaling board. I love watercolors, and although I haven't practiced for awhile, I associate them with the happiest times of my life, when my kids were younger and we'd spend time on the beach painting.

I leafed through one of my favorite magazines, Matchbook, and  loved this photo above,
 via Strikes our Fancy
It's an expression of sophistication, glamour and liht hearted fun, even success.

I loved this pair of needlepoint slippers via here.

And I enjoyed reconnecting with some fabulous craftsy ladies with a meaningful life to share, 
at My Paper Tales.

Caribbean Time, Watercolor Digital Print

By the way, Laura Trevey who is another favorite watercolor artist of mine, has written a well documented post on Pinterest, that you may want to read.

I hope your week is smooth and fun!

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Barbara Weeks said...

Thank you for the kind words both here and on my blog!

Best buys