Monday, 26 May 2014

A new week and Blogoland link love

Hello, dear friends,

It is the beginning of a new week. And with it, the end (of perhaps the first part) of a period of doing new things that I am not ready to share here yet. What I can say is that it involved public speaking that I have always liked and everyone told me I'm good at, and hated, at the same time, because I felt self-conscious and nervous.
It seems though that all those years of reading aloud at school feasts and selling to customers, all add up.
I am in awe of how Life leads us, trains us, pushes us to show up, even when we stick our legs and scream "I don't want to move on!".
This is certainly my case. 
I don;t know what the future holds, but I try to pray consciously and ceremoniously whenever I can, or through my mind, asking for guidance in the desert. 
In the meantime
I let myself wander a little through unfamiliar Blogoland ground (feels like a pc game at times, unwalked territory opening up). Some places I'll visit again, some I won't, but all that matters is where we seek and find Beauty. 
I hope to keep a normal-ish tempo in coming here and letting you knwo how life goes.
Till then, take a look at what felt nice this morning.


The Tulip Festival in Holland

I love flowers. I love bulbs. I love tulips. I love Holland.
 That says it all about my first pick!


Optical Illusion Dress
Montana Designs

Pattern is
via here

Because I admire women who make nice clothing for themselves
and because I love shift dresses
and this one looks smart!


What’s the big dream in your heart? Do you know what it is? Or is it just a feeling that follows you around and you bump into it from time to time?Wherever you are, that’s okay. Right here is where you start from. 
My kind of gal.
An inspiring post by Sparkle Tea
that I needed, just in time.

4 May (1)

A wonderful if dark, and not agreable with my Christian faith, but still interesting visual journey by none other than an Appalachian witch.

Spring in the Japanese countryside.
I LOVE every picture
  Inaka Biking 

I hope you enjoyed blog walking with me
Have a beautiful week ahead!

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