Sunday, 8 June 2014

Being a mom in my forties

I long thought it was best to have your kids early in life. To be able to run after them, feel like them, treat them equal and just plain sit down and play with them.
I was wrong.
In part.
I did have kids in my twenties, which was good for my body. In a sense. In the sense that I was able to cope physically with pregnancy and childbirth, without feeling threatened by the changing image of my body, because, hey! there would be time to fix this.
I didn't. Nor did I play dolls because I was too busy doing thw stuff that (you think) needs to be done so that you may sit and play with dolls.
I am an overweight mom who has been overweight in the past eighteen years or so, and especially in the last ten years, since my children stopped eating yuck mashed food, and fruits and veggies were not a food prerequisite.
Ready-for-the-oven became family staples. My cooking muscle waned and my weight rose.
But it's not just that.
Now that I am in my forties, and my kids are ready to fly off the nest, I long for a baby.
I long for mommy talk and friendship in the clan, color pops of toys (I was too much into eco when my kids were young) and strolls in proud, "look what I've made" looks of bright fluo orange trainers, grey active wear and floss frienship bracelets (they don't hurt baby like metal).
What I don't long for is crying and toothing and pooh. True. But if I did it again? I'd hire an aid. I could afford it but I didn't by choice. And I raised (too) independent kids. Good for them, and at times good for me when I'm not into cooking dinner-even frosted.
So yes, I would hire help if I could afford a cleaner.Would I  hire someone for the baby? Part-time, yes, so I could fly off guilt-free to a coffee and Vogue tete-a-tete.
Do I want a child as in birthing one, right now?
Don't know really. I might, if I could.
I fyou can, keep your mojo up.
Motherhood is bound to be brighter at 40.

Meanwhile here is a reminder of what mommyhood looks like.

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