Sunday, 28 December 2014

Holiday cheer (Part II: The Whimsical)

Hello, Friends!
Here with the second part of what Holiday Cheer looks like to me.
If you've missed yesterday's post, about The Familiar, find it here.

Hiding (who you are)
Finding (who you are)
Choosing who to show and with whom to share

(Red Ridinghood via The Girl who married a Bear-isn't this a wonderful name for a blog?)


Loving who you are with
Finding the one to share your life with

(wonderful posts about living in Nature via The Noisy Plume-i love the tag line though, "i love your soul-what a blessing being able to say that!)


The good life, the whole life of bringing about fruit off your labor: children and animals, stitching, music, crafting. The Nature way.
(And probably my #1 destination in the blogland, Soulemama)

What's Whimsical to you?

Another stop tomorrow, talking about 

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