Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Lilly (Pulitzer) bit of happy

Hello, Friends!
You know how much I looove my Lilly!
Yesterday I was leafing through  a book 
(Victoria Moran's Living a charmed life)
and inside I found this picture of me, some years ago, wearing -of course!- Lilly!

{Images above: 
-Fabulous and real!-}
Lilly lightning!
I checked Lilly's website
And here are my favorite prints of the season

Not everyone is I shaped!
Well done to both Target and Lilly!

My personal favorite is this Nosie Posey dress. 
At just $38!
Love it!!!

 And now I am going to say 
See you Soon
With a glimpse of my Spring mani

and my favorite quote from Lilly

P.S. Want some more FUN? 
Try this quiz to find out if you are truly a Lilly Pulitzer kind of gal!
As for me, I miss hit once,lol, and I got

Your knowledge of Lilly is as bright as a pink flamingo–covered maxi dress. Congrats!

Pretty Good, ha?


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