Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What to eat in France: Part I: The Health Conscious

Happiness is a decision we make. A trip we take. The people we meet. 
I'll get you started though, with the food that we eat. 
Fuel for the journey.
It is happy if it makes us happy.
Is it good for me?
I bet!

Let's get started with a good breakfast.
My best friend who has the graceful body of a professional dancer, tells me that we do not actually need breakfast. Our bodies put every morning an hormone into good use, helping us move into our day without the need for any heavy breakfast as is usually suggested. What is more, milk (protein) and corn flakes make for a deadly combination for our stomach!
But when I am staying in a hotel, well, I kind of like having breakfast. And then make(perhpas) a few wise choices.

I did say "maybe"! That pain was delicious!

Cheese and fruit, delicious!

My French friend is a Raw expert. I used to cook raw myself, one and a half decade ago. It is the best, believe me. And you may try a softer approach, if it makes you scared of the total no-no. Believe me, you will be just fine!

With a little tossing in olive oil, and some olive pate, perhaps?

Those colours! Add a delicious sauce with some garlic and thyme.

Occasionally some saucissons are not a bad idea!

Or perhaps one is a sea person
And now I shall leave you waiting for the dessert!


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