Friday, 26 August 2016

ELENA VOTSI: Meet the Greek artist who designed the RIO 2016 Olympic medals

Designer Elena Votsi

Creative hands at work

Elena Votsi's shop in Hydra

Elana Votsi is a Greek jewellery designer. She is famous for her clean circular, state of the art designs. 
 But to me, her creations are most of all soul-filling, giving our meaning and satisfaction. 

She was first chosen in 2002 by the Olympic Committee to revamp for the first time the medals since the Amsterdam Olympic Games in 1928.Her design, featuring  the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, descending from the sky to place a laurel wreath on the winner’s head in the middle of the Olympic stadium in Athens, constructed for the 1st Modern Olympic Games in Athens, in 1896, with the Parthenon in the background-remained at the front of the medals for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and for all Games to come.

 Votsi, born and working on the island of Hydra, off the coast of Athens and Piraeus, 
has created jewellery for the  
the Greek National Gallery
the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens and 
She also works with international power houses of fashion, 
such as Gucci and Ralph Lauren.

Elena Votsi's work at the hands of Daniela Kamiliotis, Senior Vice President of Design/ Women's Collection/ Ralph Lauren.

All in all, a beautiful lady of substance, 
creating beautiful, meaningful work!

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