Tuesday, 6 September 2016


What will we experience with this eclipse, which is in the Pisces/Virgo axis according to the sidereal zodiac?

Pisces represents the 12th house which is our subconscious, it’s also the last house in the zodiac and represents that which is hidden to us, confinement, release and endings. Virgo is ruled by Mercury which is our analytical mind, this configuration is indicating our minds release. Virgo is also the sign of healing as it’s the virgin with the shafts of wheat crossing the water to deliver healing medicines and potions. This is showing us that with release there’s great healing available to us.
The earth is shifting consciousness and so are we. The earth will release its new consciousness energy at the time of the eclipse and it will further anchor in our consciousness. We will be feeling a total and full release of the ego mind. This eclipse is giving way for the heart to take over. Our hearts are anxiously awaiting this event putting us into a state of disbelief and wonderment about what is about to take place.
The stakes are high now. We must perform from the heart as ego mind will create pain and turmoil for us. The ego mind is collapsing and flattening its holographic representation of our reality.  We in turn are moving into the heart to create. This wonderment is the journey within which is a requirement of the heart transition.
We are currently in the 2 week doorway in between eclipses at the time of this writing, basically our doors have been blown wide open so that we can access all the stuff in our subconscious that is creating a reality that doesn’t align with our hearts desire’s. Use this time wisely; journaling, releasing, past life regression, etc… because this doorway is bringing stuff to the surface that usually is buried deep in our subconscious mind for the sole purpose of releasing it.
With this final eclipse of the season we are going to be pushed inside of ourselves like never before. If we haven’t been clearing out, we may not like what we find there. The journey within is how we will connect with our inner selves for the heart to reflect who we truly are. The heart will begin reflecting what’s hidden there, it will not be pleasant for many because many will be ashamed and afraid that others will see their darkness. The smoke and mirrors of only showing others what we want them to see will be over, we will not be able to control what other people think and feel about us with the illusions we’ve built, they will get a good look at who we are. Do you like what’s there? Do you know what’s there?
I’m showering everyone who reads this message with love! My intent is giving everyone strength and courage to journey within because it’s about to get deep.
Love & Light,

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