Monday, 26 September 2016

Where does your cash go? (FREE tools!)

“Where Attention goes Energy flows;
Where Intention goes Energy flows!”
― James Redfield

Where does my cash go?

With a teen boy at home and two girls in College, I am on a quest to make every euro count and possibly even stretch
to meet my personal needs!

with a demanding job where image counts, I need to look AND  feel pulled together. 
This term, I know I won't be renewing my Gym subscription (it didn't work enough to justfy the spending of my hard earned cash)
Walking daily will have to do, 
I am looking to start dancing again! It's a kind of exercise I enjoy (and do not loath!)
Massages will have to be programmed to one-per-month to help me destress 
and feel good in my skin.

I am investing in a good face line, by LANCOME,
probably towards Xmas
(more to come on my quest for cosmetics to fit my 40something skin)


Where do YOUR cash go?

Reading this article
"How to track your income to create more abundance",
by self-made millionaire Denise Duffield-Thomas made me think. Alot.

I understood that I had to THINK differently and ACT differently.
 Denise offers all the tools 


to help you put those valuable FREE resources into good use
and come back and leave a comment to share your progress.
 I will!



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