Tuesday, 18 October 2016


PSA: It *is* possible to have a stress-free morning.
By: Jodi Taylor
We all have those mornings where you wake up a good two hours before you have to be at work, just so you can get your shit done. You think you have all the time in the world, and then before you know it you’re throwing on the closest piece of clothing (likely what’s on the ground) and tossingwhatever makeup in your bag to do in the Uber. It happens to us more often than we would like. But finally we’re setting out to change that by doing a few small and easy things to make our mornings more productive.


Our day doesn’t *really* start until we’ve had a cup of coffee. We bet the majority of you are the same. It could also have to do with the fact that we may be a little too fond of Wednesday wine nights. Kidding, guys (maybe). And while we’d love to say that the best thing we’ve ever invested in was our first CHANEL Boy Bag, it’s probably actually our programmable coffee machine. Just set the timer to five minutes before your alarm goes off and the smell of coffee will be enough to get you out of bed.


We’re firm believers in not snoozing. Or, if you really have to (because the struggle is real), snooze only once. The best way to get into practice with this is to plug your phone in on the other side of your room, or in another room altogether. That way, once your alarm goes off, you’re forced to get out and turn it off. Getting out of bed should wake you up so that you can get started on your day.


Rather than going through pretty much every article of clothing in your closet (you know you’re going to wear the first thing you tried on, anyway), plan it out the night before. You can thank us for the extra twenty minutes we just added to your morning.


Meal prep, guys. We’re not saying you have to spend all of your Sunday cooking meals for the next five days, but if you prepare your protein ahead of time, you can save yourself hours of work throughout the week. Spend a little bit of your Sunday afternoon or evening cooking up the big *hero* features of your meal and a few extra minutes the night before to make the next day’s breakfast (hello, overnight oats). You’ll easily free up enough time to start going on those morning runs like you’ve been planning to.

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