Friday, 21 October 2016

Rebecca's Sanctuary

There are bloggers' blogs that I have been reading for ages.
What keeps me visiting again and again?
They are TRUE, honnest, and even when they lose themselves, they find their way into a brighter space of Liht and understanding.
This year,  I have a good 10 years since my first blog post in 2006!
Blogs started and abandonned, 
my mom blog that is now put on hold,
this blog that was just for collecting images, right before Pinterest came in our lives.
Rebecca is one of my favorite bloggers. 
She is talented
Well travelled
Well mannerned
did I say
I love seeing hr discovering and developping her skills of beautiful, personal, soulful photography. 
So happy for House of Bliss, her Sanctuary.
Ine her own words

I keep stopping wondering,
almost as if on the brink of something new. 
Time to see feel
in a whole new way. 
Seasons change
in more ways than one. 

I love seeing my internet friends evolve in their lives. move on witht their tastes, spreading wings and relaxing into a conscious whole hearted living. 

All images, Rebacca's own.
Please visit her blog and say Hello! 



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