Thursday, 2 February 2017

Maryam in Cote Sud

There are blogs that I like.
And there are people who write blogs that I like. 
I have been reading Maryam Montague's blog 
for years. Voting for her and her blog in the 
"Best African Weblog" awards, back when blogging was special, and prized as a manifestation of one's life and soul, not as another tool of the trade. 
Times do change, though, which is a good thing, and some people with their integrity and vision keep my heart alert as they progress spiritually and professionally. 
My Marrakesh turned into M.Montague, it now has a souk and a fabulous hotel that I would love-love-love to visit one day, and a non-profit to benefit and empower future women.
And so,
I was thrilled to see Maryam, her husband and their hotel and life projects featured in one of my favorite magazines ever, Cote Sud
I am so proud of you!


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