Friday, 7 April 2017

Let them eat CAKE in Athens

A week ago, I received a couple of friends in Athens. 
As they don't visit often, I took them for a stroll in the most beautiful part of the city, next to the Acropolis, the Kolonaki area. 
Athens's fashion and good life district has always been home to me, and I trully love living in the city center. 
As it wasn't morning enough for coffee and midday enough for lunch, I chose CAKE , an american-style coffee house, owned by the Elliott clan, once neighbors in my hometown of Kifissia.
We tasted a lovely and light carrot cake, a stevia mousse and a quiche that was an absolute delight. We had a quiet time connecting with each other, with the discreet personel gently atteding to us. And we left happily ever after!
Though I might visit again soon as I do covet those mugs! I do believe though -and I said so to the lady in charge of the shop- that a line with their delightful pink and green trademark colors would be a success. I'd definitively buy the latte cups!


CAKE, Irodotou 15 , Kolonaki Irodotou 15
210 721 2253Irodotou 15
210 721 2253

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