Saturday, 21 April 2018

Springtime elegance

Light-Light, let there be light!
Let the perfume of Spring and grass and blooms come in from the window. 
Let the air be full of love and fireworks and opportunities that we are preared to grasp. 
Let there be blooms and hope and the beginning of a new sea breeze...

  1. When this time of the year comes, I feel the urge to brighten up, to bring in flowers and pastels. This year I am sooo fond of baby blue

I need clean sheets 
and a cozy bed 
fluffy and feathery 
for light feathery dreams

And I dream of all those moments of peace and happiness
the simple things that make the heart appreciate 
the beat of life

Welcome Spring!

{All images via the wonderful Aerin}

A few of my favorite things from Aerin


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