Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My summer reading list

Summertime reading is undeniably one of the greatest pleasures in life.
Every summer I get me afew books, one to read on the beach,
one to keep by my bed
one to inspire me
one to cuddle and keep me company
one to help me get better on the outside
one to hemp get better on the inside

My beach bag currently hosts:

I read them both, starting with one or the other according to my mood, more gentle for Big Magic, in need of focus and support when reading Lean In.

My favorite quote:

Waiting to be read:
{By Mr William Norwich who has a most interesting Instagram account here}

An optimist? Tick! Wants to let go=Tick!

Written by Ann Mah, another Instagram found author, The Lost Vintage is heiled as
 “this season’s essential female-centered adventure” 
by @hollywoodreporter. 
Besides, Ms. Mah is such a beautiful soul! 

What is in your reading list?
where do you like to read? 


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