Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Duchess of Cornwall charmed by Dior (and Paris)

Camilla Parker Bowles visite l'atelier Dior à Paris

The Duchess of Cornwall 
explores the charms of French couture, 
while visiting Dior at Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

The wife of  Prince Charles has been exploring Paris, and among her official duties she has found the time to indulge in Art and everyday pleasures such as the open markets. 

Walking tour: The Duchess of Cornwall views Venus de Milo during a visit to the Louvre Museum

First stop: Her first stop of the trip took her to the Emmaus community qt Bougival, to the West of Paris

Camilla visits a market in Paris during her first solo international tour. (Photo: Fred DuFour/AFP)

A lady travelling on her own.
A dream come true, perhaps. 

camilla dior

I think this cape would suit you well, Your Highness. 

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love, Irene

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