Saturday, 28 July 2007


Look how accents of color work best with simple units. Love the glossy baby blue tiles. See how cocordinating cushions are sitting tie-free on the stools. Love the white marble worktop. Sparkling. So fresh!
Look at what this lady did. Basic white Ikea type units (the worktop is Ikea), and style is all in the details: the SMEG refrigirator, the tap, the lettering. It is all in here.
Wow. Look at the aqua cushions. Simple, basic yet stylish pieces. Artwork making the scheme modern.
Functional, easy, white.


Best first impressions. Yellow on the staircase adds class and style. Beautiful backdrom for sketches and guilt frames.
Formal. Nice guilt mirror. Safran velvet on both curtains and sofa.
Essentially cream vanilla with a vigorous touch of yellow on the left, a delicate Baker on the right and a blue sofa adding a touch of seriously adult style. Look at the chandelier bringing blue and yellow together and adding an ethnic tone. Also notice the accent use og red on the chandellier.
orgeous informal living. Again see the use of red and burgundy as an accent color in the throw on the chair to the right, the pillow on the left and the armchair a la Provencale to the left.
Yellow and black. Stripes and pattern. Ironwork.

That's quite a usual combination. However, the light and bright walls encourage the feeling of space. See how the pillow to the left echoes the red on the armchair to the left, and the pillow on the yellow arm char on the right rpeat the grey of the side chair to the right, plus a touch of burgundy from the pillow to the left. Love the flowers, too.
I wouldn't go for shelving over a bed, but I love the buttery yellow and the under bed storage.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Union Jack cushion

I found this cushion in the July 2007 edition of Country Living UK. It is by Lucinda Chambers. Love it!
Lucinda Chambers is the creator of the well known Jubilee wall hanging at The Rug Company.

My first advertisement!

So, here I am! This is my first personal advertisement ever. I have deleted my details, apart from my Christian name, otherwise this is how it looks like.

And here is an advertisement for our shop's furniture and on top my fabrics. I wanted to show more of Designers Guild fabrics, but I opted for Jane Churchill to start with, since people here are quite conservative in their choices. Italian influences prevail, with lots of golden threads and ecrus, but I will change that.

Friday, 6 July 2007

My dream living

On the same issue of Elle Decoration I have spotted this photo which examplifies my favorite style: natural materials, neutrals with a touch of warm color, possibly ethnic or vintage, and big openings. My decorating paradise!

Ethnic (cont)

An ethnic corner at the shop.

And this is the table lamp that has a beautiful filigree effect. It is particularly beautiful at night with all the other lights turned off.

Moroccan inspirations

The July issue of Elle Decoration, UK edition, has some interesting photos documenting a take on Moroccan interiors. I have always liked Cote Sud's photos of real Moroccan homes, but apart from liking them, I wouldn't say that that style of decoration is my cup of tea.
That is why I liked some ideas from these pages. A touch of ethnic, which many people are looking for, especially in a holiday home, but not overwhelming or too colorful.
Look at the texture in this picture. The velvety modern sofa, the ethnic inspired shade and the tiles (I l-o-v-e tiles, ceramics, anything, you name it).
We have in the shop a metal lamp which has a similar effect. I like the white/cream color of these, too, or slightly more. It is lighter than silver. The effect on the walls is the same, crochet-like. Love it.
I stock this Designers Guild curtain fabric. My favorite is yellow. (Will post). And I plan of creating a similar effect with our chest of drawers. As soon as I sell the dark one, I'll get one in cream. With some bean bags in textured fabrics, it will create a beautiful corner.

As I said, I do not like ethnic to be too-ethnic. But I could talk myself into this absinthe room of her own.

So unexpectedly and totally feminine.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Dream Room

Best buys