Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A lovely stitching place!

Please let me introduce you to a very cheerful and creative place. It is called Spotted Skink and it features some of the most spectacular yet easygoing cross stitching you've ever seen!
With a style a la Caffe Fassett, vibrant colors, special designs and a friendly and effective service, they are guaranteed to offer you hours of stitching joy.

I am currently working on their Rockets and Robots Design. You won't believe this (I don't!) but I first wrote about this exactly one year ago. Read this!

Of those projects mentioned I have been progressing on Santa over the weekend encouraged by the cosiness of a roaring fire. I am doing the Rockets and Robots whenever I am sitting in front of the TV (which is rare, perhaps that explains the lack of progress!), but only because it just helps me empty my mind and I do not have to count or check the colors all the time.

These are another two of my Spotted Skink favorites.

Do stop by and check them out. And have fun!

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