Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Scandinave-o-Japanese Alliance

There is a distinct Scandinavian+Japanese=Love trend amongst the blogs and websites that I like to visit. I was curious enough to follow one of the links that led me to a...Scandinav-o-Francophile Japanese site, called Paumes.
Although there isn't an English or French translation to the site (that would be quite helpful as I do not read Japanese), there is an interesting bookshop with books in Japanese. However they are quite interesting because they feature some lovely photography so it is tempting to leaf through them and stop at some really lovely places.
There are Stockholm's Love Appartments but I prefere the Apartements d' Amoureux a Paris.
I equally loved Chambres d' Enfants a Paris
I love this little corner of a garden.

My favorite is Souvenirs de Paris. Look at all that bric-a-brac. The Japanese sure have an eye for curios!
And there is lovely food pics from Paris bien sur!

There are also London Kitchens

And the very yummy Children's Rooms London

There is a touch of holiday Greek stuff, too!
And the quintessential Bristishness-on-the-Garden thingy.

Not even the prices of the books are in Euros or Dollars, or even French Francs!Gosh! I now have to learn Japanese!

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