Wednesday, 6 February 2008

New Designers Guild fabric and wallpaper

I would have loved visiting Maison et Objet in Paris, as the wonderful Ronda of All the Best did (read her post here). I've never felt like a child in a candy shop, perhaps because I never missed candy. But, blame it on my mum who used to make all my clothes and hers, and my late grandmother who loved sewing, there is a thing about thread and fabric that spell b-l-i-s-s to me!

I wasn't left without consolation, though. The national representative sent me the new fabric and wallpaper books, which was great.

I stock Jane Churchill, Ralph Lauren, and my specialty, Designers Guild.

The people who can actually a.afford and b. have the education and taste to support such choices, aren't that many in this part of Greece. Apart from another retailer who stocks Anna French and Liberty, we offer the best in designer fabrics and wallpapers. (Click on images to enlarge)

Here is a preview of the new Designers Guild range. The collection is called Florimund, and it's not yet on the DG website. So, unless you stock DG, remember, you saw it here first! Isn't that what the self-promoting say?
I love that eau de Nil color; not blue, not green. So chic! Especially in the corridor and stairwell. Exquisite.
Here are some more photos. French inspiration everywhere.
Golden shadows.
Exquisite silk in powder room pink.
This spells feminine and happy to me. I love Guild's interpretation of classic roses.

I love bamboo for walls. Emily Todhunter of Todhunter-Earle also makes a great bamboo print. You can see it here.
Can you imagine this at home? Pink and gold, and sunshine. Love it!

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