Friday, 23 May 2008

Calling all Cath Kidston lovers!

(Photo from Happy Loves Rosie).
Are you aware of the new book due to be published in October?
Yes, a new Cath Kidston book called Make will be out soon.

Cath is giving away 16 pattern templates of her favourite designs. Divided into chapters on different techniques, stencilling, appliqué, embroidery and patchwork her new book includes a collection of 30 projects (among them bags, cushions, clothes and stationery) as well as masses of extra ideas for how to use the patterns.

You may now pre-order Make at 34% off .

Also, if you do feel like needing a Spring lift at home, there is a weekend only 15% off on all items excluding fabric, wallpaper and sales. Click here from Friday 23rd to Monday 26th May inclusive. There is also up to 35% off summer fashion. So, let us count our nickels! Do not forget to print code 15CKSD.

I look forward to seeing your treasures on Flickr! Happy shopping!


Cherry Menlove said...

Hello Irene!
I wonder what the new Cath book will have in it?
It will be lovely to see.

I hope you're well, it was lovely to hear from you.

Lots of love
Cherry xoxox

melissa lewis - off the wall said...

Can't wait for the new book. Thanks for the heads up:)

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