Thursday, 22 May 2008

I'd rather be in Megeve...

I know I promised to keep you posted on the old/new mag that was published yesterday.
And I will. There are a couple of interesting articles and shoots there, and some retro pics I know you'll like. (blame it on my Media past).
However, let me point this out to anyone dealing with aesthetics and text.
You have to more or less make up your mind. If you are going to do retro, then by all means do not feel guilty about it.
If you want to be avant- guarde, with distorted japanese faces and asylum white rooms, please do, though I may not click often.
You just can't please everyone, not even all that you are by pretending to be new, without indulging first in your rich past.
Otherwise you'll end up like those East Europeans recently adhering to the EU. God forbid!
That's why I'd rather be in Megeve right now. (Picture from the Sunday papers). No sandy beaches, no flashy bling. Just-be-yourself!

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