Friday, 27 June 2008

Pirates fabric for J's bedroom

The most beautiful fabric I could expect arrived today for our son's bedroom.
J is 6 and he is very much into pirates. Although I wanted him to be happy with his new space, I didn't want anything terrifying for his bedroom. No skulls and Pirates of the Carribean.
So I searched and searched. Jane Churchill which I stock in our shop used to have a pirate/treasure island fabric, but it is now out of stock and Designers Guild hasn't shown anything remarkably boy-ish lately. So I had to look elsewhere.
I searched over the net and found a Michael Miller fabric that looked quite kitchy, yet in a happy way.
I ordered it from Lucky Kaeru over at Etsy.
It was reasonably priced and it arrived nicely and quickly, no problem whatsoever.

This one I am going to turn into a floor cushion.
And this one is what J chose for his curtains.

I hope to show you the end result soon!

Thank you Lucky Kaeru. Nice job!

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jona said...

Those are so great!! My boys would love them. I can't wait to see the finished projects!!

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