Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sweet Figs

40 figs, small, collected at the crack of dawn.
1,5kg sugar
3-4 teacups water
the white flesh of 40 almonds
the juice of half a lemon
40 cloves

Peel and make a hole to the nice round bottom. Remove the seeds that pop out. Pierce with a fork in a couple of places. Boil for c.10min. You don't want them soft. Get rid of the water. Rinse. Get rid of the water again. Add the almond and shut with the clove. Make a syrup and let it boil slowly for 15min. Remove the froth. Let it sit in the syrup all night. Next morning boil again till syrup makes a lovely floss when you lift the *wooden* spoon. Then add the lemon juice. Store and enjoy summer in the heart of winter.


sweet paul said...

Mmmm, I have to try this.
Sounds really good.

skoots1mom said...

figs are my favorite...thanx for the recipe...
i miss my father-in-law's fig tree...they moved and we don't have it anymore

can't wait to try the recipe

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