Monday, 17 November 2008

Enchanting forest

Good morning!
It rained, at last, yesterday. I am not asking for snow, not before December at least, but some tiny little clouds and a little fog is always a nice way to remind us that there are still seasons to be enjoyed and Christmases to come.
I opened my Flickr page to upload some photos I took over the weekend and I came upon this lovely forest. How I absolutely love it! I think I didn't have enough childhood, that's why!

These treas are made by a Croatian lady (hello neighbour!) now living in Germany. Jasna's Flickr page is here and her DaWanda shop is here.

Jasna kindly joined my True Vintage group page, which houses, as its name suggests, true vintage views of houses and items, belonging to family and friends or random encounters.
Thanks a lot, Jasna!
A happy new week to all.

1 comment:

Margaret Cloud said...

I am glad it rained for you, but guess what we got snow, a lot. I like those trees and the idea of Christmas.

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