Thursday, 19 February 2009

Button and response

Dear blogging friends,

Two weeks ago I posted about a weekly meme I was starting here at The Happy Turtle, named "Love Domino Style", the purpose being for those who enjoy the magazine's style to be in touch with the beautiful interiors its editors had created. Such a meme deserves a blog button, so my talented friend Tara created a beautiful button, which I believe reflected beautifully the magazine's spirit.

Today, as I opened my computer, I saw a note that the picture had been removed. I was surprised by the intrusion to my blogging home. I headed to the comments, and then to my e-mail. A message from a certain Ms. Gold read:

"The photo in the domino button you created for happy turtle is my photo, taken by me, owned by me, styled by me, of my room for which I won the domino decorating contest".

I am not going to pass on the rest of the correspondence which, in spite of Tara's immediate action to create a new code providing credit, ended with Ms. Gold's "Remove photo on button". And I am not going to offer an apology either, because her photo, one of thousands doing the rounds in the web these days, had not a copyright, name, or watermark on it, neither did I copied it from her blog, if she has one. Otherwise I would be happy to ask/acknowledge/give credit/link, as I always do in my blog.

But apparently Ms. Gold thinks she is so important, that everyone who sees her photograph of her teapot should immediately identify it as being her own.

Take a look at Ms. Gold's wording:

"my photo, taken by me, owned by me, styled by me, of my room for which I won the domino decorating contest".

This is the biggest show of egotism I have seen in a barely two line long sentence.

I am not a lawyer as Ms. Gold is, as I found out by googling her name. And I had no idea by seeing her name that she was the person who won the Domino contest
, although I had left a comment about her victory at a blogging friend's blog, 14 months ago, without knowing her.

I think the before and after pictures were necessary. They bring things into perspective, especially coming from someone without formal training, it is an amazing transformation. Well done Catherine, and thank you Corine!

Posted by: Irene | December 10, 2007 at 04:12 AM

Because I am not arrogant or greedy and do not possess an inflated ego, but I am rather a filoxenos Greek, I am offering the links to the posts that Hidden in France and Apartment Therapy (as I found via Google) had written for Ms.Gold.

That is all about Ms. Gold and the photograph of her teapot.

The Love Domino Style meme will run as normal next Tuesday.

A bientot!


Anonymous said...

I noticed in those links, there are photographs taken by her, but there are also no copyright marks on those anywhere. I wonder why those are okay and the teapot small picture was not. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

In this day & age of Google images she needs a bit more understanding & try to be POLITE.

I'll check with my hubbie. He's an IP attorney. ;) Then beerazi- cannena provema!

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