Thursday, 19 February 2009

Two important art exhibitions in Athens

Two important exhibitions are taking place in Athens.

The first, at The Foundation of the Hellenic World, presents the bracelet collection of Katerina Korre-Zografou, Professor, Department of History and Folklore, University of Athens. It includes more than two hundred bracelets, Greek and foreign, from the 19th and the 20th century, reflecting aspects of everyday life.

Duration: till the end of May 2009. The book accompanying the exhibitions is available. Read more and see photos here.

At the Cycladic Art Museum, visitors are invited to a virtual tour in time and space: the tour starts from the world of the supernatual (gods) and the myth (heroes), goes through the realm of Eros, follows the activities of everyday women and men in their private and public life, explores their religious behavior, and concludes with their attitudes towards death and their beliefs about afterlife and the Underworld.

Duration of the exhibition:permanent.
The exhibition is accompanied by a booklet in Greek and English and a DVD.
You may read more here.

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