Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I love Domino style-Paint me beautiful

I love Domino Style

Hello dear friends,
I hope you all had a lovely week. A big Thank You to those who stopped by and those who e-mailed a word of encouragement. I really appreciate it!

Today I am not going to post from my Greek "Domino" collection. (You may read my first post on a random issue here). I am going to post (with permission) about the work of an artist I came across early on in my blogging and who has remained a stable favorite of mine.

Most of you are familiar with Anne Harwell, the charismatic artist of works of stylish interiors, including her iconic chair.

Anne of annechovie has been featured in the Domino website in the past. Her work had been chosen for the magazine's on line gift print gallery.

Her style and flair are instantly recognisable. She knows her subject, its demands and limitations. With her confident hand and her eye for detail she captures the particulars yet she never fails to communicate the overall impression, the feeling of a room or of a collection of objects.

Some of her works are inspired by Domino features or commissioned by clients. Her happy disposition fits perfectly with the magazine's deceptively carefree atmosphere. Here is a sample of her work inspired by original Domino features:

Isn't she amazing? Isn't it amazing how a magazine has inspired so many people to create anew kind of interiors, beautiful, fresh stylish and affordable, while at the same time it has inspired talented people to create beautiful works of art out of its pages?

Thank you, Anne for capturing our favorite magazine's style so beautifully!
Anne Harwell's blog can be found here. Click here for her etsy shop, where you can pick her prints, and here for her Flickr pages.Enjoy, and share the love!


Petunia said...

OMG! Her paintings are fabulous! I like them better than the actual rooms! The New York Post ran a short article about Domino closing in their Six Page section which is such a big deal! Here is the link and if you are willing to register, you can post a comment as well. The link is:

Petunia said...
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catherine golden said...

The photo in the "Button" is my photo, taken by me , of a detail of my bedroom for which I won the Domino Decorating contest. That photoe is owned by me and this is the first time I have seen one of my photos used without getting the credit. Thus, take it down or give credit where credit is due. Thank You
Catherine Golden

Tara said...

Irene, please check your email regarding this issue and the comment above.


hmstrjam said...

love anne's work! looking good!

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