Monday, 27 April 2009



If every life learned to share
A happier world we would have
We could share our lives
And share our thoughts
Without any kind of recrimination
We could share our love
With all the strangers
That may come our way
Around the world
Making new friends wherever we go
If sharing was not just a dream
Paradise at our feet
Would unfold
There would be no more poverty
For every crust of bread, we’d share
We can only dream that one day
Many hearts will beat as one
Many minds will think alike
No more terrors will strike discord

And sharing will become the word

David Harris

I found this poem at Mandarine via Hidden in France. With thanks. Brought to me a certain peace. So I thought I'd share it here. Very tired, sleeping whenever I can. Schools start tomorrow after the Easter brake. Looking forward to spending some time with my chickenpox bound lad. Lovely images flooding my mind: Florence, Tuscany, Emilia Romana, Munich, South Tyrol...I hope to show and tell more soon...

Be Happy.

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corine said...

That spring break was a killer. thank you for mention. isn't this a lovely blog?

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