Saturday, 12 September 2009

8 Things*Musical History

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8 Songs that Shaped my Life

1. First Song on the *8Track: Austrian traditional. I shall always love them!

2. Song that Most Reminds me Of my Childhood Home: Greek traditional.

3. First Dance:"Hotel California".That was tight.

4. Our Song:"La Vie en Rose".

5. Define Your Decade: Definitively 80s.

6. Class of _____. '87, but can't remember a song to speak of.

7. First Album You Owned:Thriller by Michael Jackson.

8. First Live Performance:Greek folk dances.

Campfire songs...yes...I was a Cub Scout leader. Still sing them.

lullabies...the ones I made up for my children.

wedding songs...see #4

first kareoke tune….waiting to be sung...

What’s your *8Things: Musical History list?
looking forward to playing along...thanks!

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