Tuesday, 15 September 2009

How to decorate with a red sofa"

"Step 1

Choose the right red. If you don't already have a red sofa that you are trying to decorate around, make sure that the red sofa you select will work well with your overall décor. A bright, primary shade of red will work with a contemporary look for the room, while a deeper, rust red will look best with browns and greens.

Step 2
Select other colors to complement the red sofa. If you would like a warm room that incorporates some natural, nature-inspired hues, consider using tan, chocolate brown and sage green. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you may prefer to surround the red couch with white and black, which will create a different look entirely.

Step 3
Paint the walls in a neutral shade. This should be either a tan or beige color for the first color palette, or white for the second.

Step 4
Surround the red sofa with darker pieces. The end tables, coffee table and entertainment center or bookshelves should all use one color. For the first color palette, this might be a deep brown or mahogany wood. For the second, black furniture will continue the contemporary look of the room.

Step 5
Incorporate accent pieces that bring other colors into the room. For a nature-inspired room, sage green will work well with the browns and tans, while complementing the red as well. For a contemporary look, you can continue with black and white pieces, or incorporate other bright colors in small accents such as a bright blue or purple.

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vicki archer said...

I love the red accent Irene...this looks wonderful, xv.

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