Sunday, 20 September 2009

8 Things-My other personality

Everyone has another personality that shines through from time to time. Maybe you are secretly a sports legend when you play in the rec volleyball league. Maybe you’re a pop star while singing in the shower. Perhaps you are convinced you were with Mark Anthony in a past life.
How do those secret identities shape you? Does your superhero identity effect your Monday-Friday life at the Daily Planet? Are you you really a zen master, a yogi, and happy homemaker under there? What’s your stripper name say about you? Your nom de plume? The uniform in the back of your closet? And if you feel like an old soul, what where you up to last century and how is it influencing you today?

I live many lives. I have lived many lives. I could easily turn my life into a novel's chapters.They are all defined by a Femme Fatale syndrom. In that respect, I identify with women such as these:

Singers. Edith Piaf.
Dancers. Moulin Rouge.
Authors. Francoise Sagan.

Historical personalities. Cleopatra.
I'd love to play tennis. Martina Navratilova for ever!
I'd love to be an actress. Keira Knightly.
A past life. Working for TV and press.
A future life. Mother and wife, no inlaws. Shop owner.Fabrics, clothes, jewellery.A painter and mixed media artist. Books author.Cross stitcher. Fit and athletic. Yogi. Femme Fatale. Laughing and enjoying life. No pain. You get the picture.

Thanks for reading.

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