Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Times 50 best blog design blogs:my favorites from #9 to #1

And here we are at the top of the tops, according to The Times.
On #9 it's Creature Comforts. I don't know why publishing Flickr favorites which is basically easy content, counts as a plus for The Times, but otherwise this is an original and not self-absorbed blog, offering generous enjoyment to its visitors.

Emma's Design Blog features the oh so of the times scandinavian all white with touches of mid 20th century wooden items, a style that has flooded the net. In my point of view, I have had enough of the interminable combinations, mostly without inspiration. There is nothing wrong with making do with your mom's buffet, but when it becomes a trend, it's worse than Ikea: it is everywhere and no longer an original. On the other hand, I have never visited Emma's blog before. I suspect then, seeing that she writes from Stockholm and with her being on #8 as she is, that maybe I am missing something here, and maybe she is part of the original thread. That is why this blog is on my list.

I like Poppytalk the website alot. I like independent artists both for my own home and for my design projects. The blog though on #7 is a disappointment. A pitty.
Decor8 on #6 and Design Sponge on #2 are my staples. When I need a fix I head for an update. Great original content. Well deserved for both of them.
You can see by the way they cruise through their content that they are original. Desire to Inspire on #4 is an original from which other wannabes are inspired to immitate, but ot no avail. Original photography notebooks, great aesthetics. Well done ladies. Definitively trend setters.

*The Selby is on #3 I don't know if it is strictly design in the narrowest sense. I'd say it is design in the broadest sense of the word, as in personal style and house style and the photographer's own style. Supremely decadent and original, an image of our times.

Finally Apartment Therapy stands on #1. I am not crazy about it, but it is a big, original and varied blog. So I suppose it covers alot of people's needs and wants.
Finally, a word for the person doing the picking. It's Lynne Robinson. Tea for Joy is her blog and is quite nice with a large follow.

In my next post: my tops of the list.

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