Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Times 50 best design blogs: my favorites from #19 to #10

Continuing my picks from The Times 50 of the world's best design blogs, and my own picks from the list.

Of the white, idea-file variety, but with exquisite taste, and well researched, on #19, {This is Glamorous}

I have a sentimental relationship with Lobster and Swan, on Times' # 18. Never fails to spell dreamy next to everyday. And is an original , meaning more personal, less copy/paste, white.

On #16 Grain Edit isn't exactly my style, but when something is so good and honest, then it is welcome in my list.

Print and Pattern on #15 has the nicest and most ads. Useful place, then. A colelction of contemporary retro design, too.

*Swiss Miss on #14 is not visually attractive to me. Rather repulsive, actually, with all that hospital sterilisation (prominent Swiss flag doesn't help in that context, either). When I think Swiss I think chalet chic. BUT, I must admit it has the best content. I liked this article and this article. Well done.

*I don't like Bloesem as a whole, either. But I love the Let's Get Personal feature. Very well articulated, good questions, consistent picks. Plus,we share the same Christian name, which is a good omen. Irene obviously works alot on her blog, and has some clear ideas of where she is heading, so yes, she deserves to be on Times' #13 and in my list.

Young House Love , the Times' #12 is here for the idea of what such a blog might have been. Its owners' idea to turn their house renovation into cash fits well with the "make money from blogging" trend and its many gurus, but that kind of blog, although it offers some interest, is not a blog in my list. It is under-cover commercial.

Next, my selection from The Times' top picks from #9 to #1.

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