Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Times 50 best design blogs: my favorites from #29 to #20

Things are getting tight...Lots of people sitting on my sidebar included here. However, I couldn't pass by any of these blogs:

*On #29 Fine Little Day offering , and I quote, Quirky Scandinavian style from a Swedish designer and photographer. Great shots, great perspective, unique. My favorite photography blog so far.

*On #28 Bliss actually IS blissful. I love the way this blog concentrates on happiness and wellbeing. I feel very relaxed and relieved from the muble-buble, when visiting. A big thank you and thumbs up for Bliss.

#27 houses A Field Journal. Too much thin air for my taste, which makes me quite dizzy. But still, deserves to be here.

#25 London based Wee Birdy (tipped as Incredibly cohesive, which is definitively a very good thing in my list )offers some great links and nice photography. Great stop.

Looking forward to the next bunch...

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Jennifer said...

love your blog!!!!

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