Thursday, 18 March 2010

French Hotels~I

I have always wanted to go to Paris. When I was a young girl, I took French lessons at the salon of a Greek lady whose husband was a writer living both in Greece and France. The air was full of charm. I loved everything French, down to my teacher's nude nail polish. I want to visit Paris one day. I thought my 40th birthday would be a good occasion. My 50th, perhaps? I'd better begin my search for Paris' loveliest. Let's start with the hotels.

This is L'Hotel. I like the restaurant's atmosphere. I would try a coffee there, then perhaps dinner. The rooms though are too stuffy for me.

Le Placide, decorated in taupe, almond green, black and white, purple and ochre has the perfect colors for my taste.I read that the Post-It notes are translucent, the key rings are bejeweled, the laundry bag is unbleached cotton. However, if their mascot says something about them, I do not think I'm going to like it.

This one is more like it. Welcoming. Comfortable. And, hm, French?

So far, I vote for Hotel Relais St.Germain.

Best website preference goes to Caron de Beaumarchais. It looks very playful, welcoming and French. You must go and see their website for yourselves!

Second best for their modern website, a hotel with Ikea-style simple furnishings, the Mayet, below.

This one below is from the Hotel de Sers. My favorite bathroom. Taking my bath with views of Paris.
My post is based on two articles from The Huffington Post, here, and The Daily Telegraph, here.
To be continued...

love, Irene


suburban prep said...

When you go I hope you enjoy.

Irene said...

What a beautiful message! Thank you!

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