Friday, 19 March 2010

Today around the web

*I like this little nook carved out of a corner. Very creative and very welcoming. Summerland Style via Design*Sponge.

*I love the colours and the tranquility in this photo of Buk & Nola in Montreal via decor8.

The perfume boxes and the powder soft colours on this one remind me very much of my mother's dressing table.

* I also like this airy kitchen from Southern Living posted by Shelter. Clean. Polished. And not pretentious at all. Very relaxing space, yet not dull.

Don't you just love strolling around? (Do you notice a pale blue pattern here?)

love, Irene


Anonymous said...

I love every single image, Irene! Beautiful!

helle - said...

I love the blue build-in shelter the most!
You have a nice weekend!

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hello Miss Irene!

I have missed you. Love that painted chandelier ~ I am working on an interior design project and just suggested today that we paint those "tacky" shiny brass chandeliers!

Ciao bella,

Irene said...

Herself: I am so glad you do! "A beautiful thing is a joy forever!".

Helle: Such a good and tasteful use of space indeed. Have agreat weekend you, too!

Suzanne:Welcome! I missed you, too, Italian girl! xoxo

Thank you for your lovely comments!

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