Friday, 7 January 2011

After-Christmas pinks (and cremes, and blues)

Hello dear friends,
I hope you all had a lovely, loving Christmastime.
We are officially back on after Christmas mode as of Monday, when all Christmas decorations will be packed for the next 300-something days! 
We are now thinking of the sales deco. Sales start on January 15, in this part of the world, so we'll make separate spaces for what is on sale as well as our promotions. 
As for me, I'm in Spring mood. Summer even. 
So, I was relieved when I found out, surfing the blogosphere, that other people among you, ladies, already think of warmer weather, too! 
So here is what spells softer days for me, right now:


Pearls are bff. My favorite jewellery.



This year I am planting rows of hydrangeas. I had a solitary one planted under the entrance stairs, but it was dug out when we redid the garden. So I am definitively looking forward to some lovely spring blooms in my earthenware containers!

I wish you all a lovely, healthy, happy 2011.

love, Irene


Maratonjenta said...

Jassou, Irene!
I found your blog when searching for good Greek interior blogs. Great that you became a follower of my blog as well:-)

I live in the middle of Norway with my Greek husband and our two kids, but I've lived in Athens for 13 years. We still have our house in Vrilissia and summerhouse in marathon Beach and we love to visit our second "patrida".

As many other Norwegians I love to blog, and would appreciate it if you can give me some tip of some good Greek interior blogs.

Regards, Maratonjenta (which means the girl from Marathonas)

Ann said...

I'm lovin' those pinks...

Best buys