Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Greek interior design blogs

Hello dear friends,
Are you recovering from the holidays? Not yet? Then you must be ready for some new visual stimulation, to get us through the winter months.
My newest blogging friend, Maratonjenta from Norway, asked me recently which Greek blogs I would recommend, that deal with interior design.


I believe the most inclusive website regarding decoration is Rdeco which has lots of links to other sites as well. There are many re-posts from well known international websites, and they also publish some original content, especially with regard to making things, and local hands-on info.


They also have sister sites on fashion and beauty and another one on real-life homes, Greek and international, called Spitoskylo.


You may also want to read my personal design favorite, Yatzer, (yes, it is famous, and it is Greek!).

I hope all this helps you get a little more aquainted with the world of Greek design blogs.  I'll post some more about Greek designers, soon.
Have fun;-)

love, Irene


Maratonjenta said...

Thanks alot:-) I'll check them out later tonight! I also have some Norwegian bloggfriends that are into Greek style (as well as vacations in Greece) so I'll make a post abot your tips as well as your blog in the next days:-)

Redesign and fleamarket-shopping is very big in Norway, and I just published a post om my recent findings.

Can't wait for Eastervacations to come. Elladara sourhome!

Eva said...

You have a very nice blog here. Thanks for mentioning. Keep on!

Eva said...

Sorry, second comment. Which exactly your shop is? How can I find you?

Irene said...

-Maratonjenta: I hope you enjoy the tour:-)
-Eva: Thanks for stopping by!

Irene said...

p.s. Eva, you may contact me at

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