Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Greek columns, reinterpreted

Speaking of Greek style interiors.

The current issue of US Elle Decor (February/March) sports on its cover a set of Ionic style columns framing with great but not absolute symmetry a home office desk.

Flipping inside, we can see that the design comes from a Park Avenue penthouse apartment arranged maasterfully by classic American decorator Bunny Williams. The outcome is fresh and contemporary, yet welcoming and very elegant and distinctive.

I received for Christmas Bunny Williams' Scrapbook for Living which is fantastic and the kind of book one hopes to read from talented legends like Ms. Williams, and now sits side by side with my almost worn out copy of An Affair with a House that I absolutely loved.

It does seem though that Ms. Williams appreciates Greek style, which explains her trained eye for elegance and balance, as in her office, photographed for Lonny magazine, I can see a lovely bust of Perseus.

What I also found very interesting and instructive, is this part of Ms. Williams' description of the decorating process.

To forge a connection between the interior and the wraparound terrace, she installed blue glass on the ceiling to mimic the sky and added architectural detail with a framework of tailored zinc beams. “It took us 20 tries to get the size of the bolts in them right,” she says with a laugh.
And also:
 “I never would have looked at that table 20 years ago, but it’s essential to see pieces anew, to refresh your eye.”
Isn't it wonderful that a professional of Ms. Williams' caliber, is so open about her process, and her great attention to detail?

All in all a lovely feature and a copy to keep on my shelves.

love, Irene

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