Friday, 11 February 2011

OKA' s new ethnic styles

In our home, we like simple lines. We also integrate more than a touch of ethnic.
First because we have a collection of items inherited by assorted relatives, passed down to us. Living outside Greece makes you crave Greek folklore, from the mundane to the kitch to the elaborate.
Second, both my husband and myself are keen on Greek folk culture, music and dance, and that gives us an extra reason to appreciate area rugs, woodcarvings and religious icons that we have taken with us from place to place.
Now how can this kind of object integrate with simplicity and modern spaces?
Let me give you the perfect example in my book.
OKA is a British company that does just that. 
I appreciate the simplicity and balance, the richness and originality of their collections, which result in an unmistakably trademark style.

Mainly planes, lots of creams, a lot of rattan and natural fibres, and many green, red and blue accents in the form of pillows and lovely ethnic throws, lamps and decorative items.

This season, OKA have taken a step towards more colourful interiors, with more daring colour combinations, such as orange and turquoise, très à la mode.

I love the chinese laquer chairs and the striped stool.

Check also some more girly and cosmopolitan styles introduced this year.
They are more light hearted and pastel coloured, but still very OKA!

I quite like this home office. It is feminin and exotic.
All in all a very charming collection.
See more styles on line at 

love, Irene

1 comment:

Maratonjenta said...

I love all the colours!!!
Have a great and colourful weekend!

Regards from -13 degrees in Norway:-)

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