Saturday, 19 March 2011

A trip's in the air

Hello, hello!
I hope you are all rising and shining this morning-not from radiation, hopefully, but thanks to a bright and sunny day. It's pretty cloudy over here, but not too cold or too rainy.

I love planting bulbs.
 They are easier than seeds
and produce some nearly instant surprise
and contentment.
Spring bulbs via Saidos da Concha
I have two posts waiting to be reviewed and published (I strongly dislike spelling mistakes), and I just posted one from March 10, the one about my i-phone. And yes, it does not work again, now of all days, now that I am going on a trip and I want to take pictures on the go, and keep in touch and all.

Ooops! My secret is out with you! We are going on a trip next week. It's strictly speaking business, training, etc. and quite tight in that respect, but we are taking the kids with us, so we can make it like a family outing as much as we can. The kids have Friday 25th off school, since it is our national holiday, so they are not going to miss that much.

Art makes life worthwhile and more humane
Marnie Gilder via Brown Button
 I've read this post today by one of my favorite writers and people, Jennifer Louden. Given my i-phone issues (blah) and the out of the blue trip and all, I think she has a point. Life has a point, when it tells you to go her direction instead of pushing and pulling towards what you think you want/you need/you must.

So, let me just say, I am going to stop clenching my teeth, try not to try to relax and enjoy this, and just be here right now, and there, only then, and back here again when we come back.

Sending you smiles and flowers,

love, Irene

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