Saturday, 19 March 2011

When my i-phone (almost) died

Written: March 10:

1) My i-phone went dead, just as I was about to go home for lunch break.
2)Little one couldn't help talking about the games we'd lose and all the special items we got for farms, restaurants and islands over Christmas and the Valentine's.
3) Took Little One to English class, Eldest Daughter to Spanish class and DH and I drove to the shop where we got my i-phone.
4)Man at shop looked in desbelief. "What did you do to it? Did you crack any codes?" Interesting. So I do look like like someone who can crack codes? A teenager who can crack codes, perhaps?
5)Man said i-phone would have to be sent to hq and that will take a month to fix. A month?
6)As DH was searching for the receipt I went back to man. I said something along the lines of "Please fix it! I'm gonna cry!" I knew I sounded like a fourty-something overweight Barbie, with dark circles and uncoiffed home coloured hair. But there, I gathered all my courage and said it. Because that is how I felt.
7)DH got me a mocha and dropped me at the shop.
8)Card /reading thingy didn't work. All right. Blame it on the Sun bursting like mad recently.
9)Only yesterda DH, myself and advertiser friend were discussing the possibility of power being cut and us featuring in a MadMax sequel.
10)I had to swear. Absolutely had. I swear. Otherwise I'd cry. Over an i-phone. Pathetic. But true.
11)DH just called from my i-phone. Shop man connected it to i-tunes and fixed it.
12)Apple inc. people, you must thank your good luck. Otherwise I'd sue!
P.S. Now, now...blowing kisses your way!

N.B. I am now waiting for DH to bring me my i-phone. He is currently being soccer dad!
Once I have my gadget back, I am gonna post my favorite aps. So you know where to find me when I am not blogging. Or working. Or selling stuff. Or cooking. Or folding laundry. You know!../

Update : March 13: My i-phone stopped working again. There is a thingy going round and round on the screen, does not open or close:(( And DH just came in and you know, it cannot be fixed:((
It is covered by its guarantee but it has to go to Athens and it will take about a month to fix. Silly i-phone makers!

love, Irene

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Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Don't you just hate it when your "toys" stop working? My laptop needs a new fan, but I won't send it in because I don't want to be without it!

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