Tuesday, 10 May 2011

5 Good things

*a comment from the heart. thank you, you-know-who*
*my son almost broke his wrist at school-he is safely tucked and sleeps now-thank God*

* a place my heart longs for*

 We came across this aqueduct last month. 
It works to day.
It is peaceful.
And brings me hope.

* my bonus of the day *
D straightening things for what is my new favorite profile picture

*A post i enjoyed reading today*
(and many others followed)
and you may enjoy, too, 
by one of the first people i met in blogland

I hope your day was blessed with good health, love and faith.

love, Irene


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Thanks for the link; hope you have a lovely day :)

thais. said...

what a beautiful post and lovely post link!
thx for coming by my blog :)

Irene said...

Michelle-you're such an inspiration to me!
Thais-Thank you so much! I'll stop by again!!!

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