Saturday, 18 June 2011

Athens, change and photographs

Hello everyone,
Did you miss me? I did!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by and left a kind comment. You know your comments are so real to me, more than a nice little word of blog etiquette, it's an exchange of gentle auras coming together among the hubub of the every day madness.

So, from my little on-line heaven, thank you again.

Now, as I've told you last time, C, J and I travelled to Athens. There is a reason why travellers and authors from ancient times to our days bless the Athenian microclimate. There are two cities that have this effect on me: Athens makes me see life from an optimistic lense; Thessaloniki makes me drunk with excitement over the tiniest things. As for our city, it has the ability to make you settle down. Good thing or bad thing, depends on the times. Sometimes it's like a vacuum, like time simply passes by. This can make you either immortal or dead.

Anyhow. We live in times of change. And changes we get. C will be 50 this year. I told him he's going through a second adolescence~wow, darling, how lovely is that! And you know, if we let go, we may as well be adolescent again. We are struggling with a job that we can no longer keep. Yes, I can tell you that now, we are closing down the shop. We were thinking September, but we may need to speed things up-or rather things are speeding up by themselves.

C is finally getting disillusioned. I have been out of love with the company we work for, for sometime now, starting some 8 years ago and it became more and more evident ever since. But there are all those voices of shoulds that kept us bound. It's nice and quiet for the kids. True. Will we find another job? We could. They like us. Only as long as we keep feeding the bottomless pit of greed.

It is rather difficult to let go of 14 years of hard work-and I mean hard work. Moving town, taking a company from zero and moving it up, up to be #1 in our region. Then, when the economic crisis hit, we were handed a new set of rules that are strangling us. C sold our sole property in Athens to keep the shop going. I told him it was in vain. But it seems one has to fall down on their knees and feel the bruises and the bleeding to come to their senses.

So, here we are. Yes, we are broke. Yes, we are selling off our merchandise at half price without response. Yes, we may need to sell our house to pay off the loan and live, God willing, for sometime off work. And yes, I cried yesterday alot. Because it is OK to put down the facts with a lawyer but it is difficult to tell your children you are selling their house.

Suddenly all the scratches are dear, and the mess is simply your life.
Oh well, I'm going to cry now, and I'm at work and I mustn't.
But I do.

So here. Take a look at my photos from Attica. Here is to change. Today, and tomorow.

Greek Summertime


Both C and I loved this simple home. It looks like made of love and lived with fun.
This dog was sitting in the middle of the road, watching time go by.
My playground

The church of my childhood, St. Marina, Ekali.

If due to ego you think: I shall not fight; this resolve of yours is vain. Your own nature will compel you. ~ Bhagavad Gita / Krishna to Arjuna (via)

love, Irene


demie said...

Irene, my thoughts with you. always.

Anonymous said...

Irene, I've been following your blog for some time. I live in a country close to Greece and maybe that's why your style is so close to my heart. You are an inspiration. I hope you have the power to go through all this and come out stronger. Best, Raluca

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm sorry to hear how the hard times are hitting you. It's heartbreaking. I hope that for you when one door closes another opens.

Irene said...

Thank you, all. Stick with me. Sending love and smiles.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I'm so sorry to read about your troubles. I hope things are soon much much better for you all. xoxo

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